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Name:     Cesare IACOVONE

Address: Via Salita Castello11,
             66041 - Atessa (CH)

tel.:       (0039) 0872866468

Curriculum - Born in Rome on May 8, 1958. Primary school at Philadelphia (USA), High school in Italy with diploma in Electrotechnician and Radio Technician, studies in Biology at Rome University.Working for Hydro Aluminium, a Norwegian International Company . Since 1968 studying Insects with particular interest in Coleoptera Carabidae, Cicindelidae and Diptera Asilidae. At the moment studying WWF areas in Abruzzo region for entomological faunae and also research on central Italy cave faunae, all related with Speleological activity.


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Main Interests

Entomology- Coleoptera Cicindelidae, Carabidae (Carabinae:Carabus, Calosoma,Cychrus,Brennus,Scaphinotus,Pamborus and Ceroglossus sps) , Diptera Asilidae. Also interested in Buprestidae, Scarabeidae, Cerambycidae and others.
Biospeleology- All that regards Cave Faunae, with special interest in Central Italy species. Researching on Cave Fauna of Abruzzo National Park.
Speleology- Active research in Central Italy mountains in exploring caves and all aspects related with Speleology along with mountain climbing and skiing
Photography- Photographer, with predilation of Nature and Cave photos, along with home made movies on various arguments.

Other Interests

Tarantulas - Keeping and raring Tarantula spiders. Have 24 live specimens.
Minerals and Fossils - Interested in Minerals and Insect fossils.
Herpetology - Reptiles and Amphibians, specially amphibian Caudata.
Astronomy - All that regards Astronomical instruments for observation of stars and planets.

Societies and Associations memberships

SocietÓ Entomologica Italiana - Associazione Romana di Entomologia - Coleopterists Society - Young Entomologists Society - The British Tarantula Society - SocietÓ Speleologica Italiana - Speleo Club Chieti - Club Alpino Italiano - World Wildlife Fund

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