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African genus Dromica DEJEAN 1826

The genus Dromica Dejean 1826, is widely distributed in the African continent south of  Saharo-Sahelian region. The species basically live in savannah, grasslands, open woodlands and semidesert areas and so, they are not found in the central African forests. All are wingless and fast running with about 150 known species. This difficoult group needs a modern revision wich is not simple becouse of many unknown data regarding old collected specimens, low number of species collected in only type locality and other difficulties. It is really a great task to deal with.

Dromica elongatoplanata (W.Horn,1922) TANZANIA

Dromica erlangeri (W.Horn,1904) ETHIOPIA

Dromica tuberculata carinulata (Chaudior, 1864)

Dromica simplex (Bates, 1878)

Solid cicle:Genus Socotrana

Solid square:Genus Dromocoida


Dromica grutii (Chaudoir, 1865)

Dromica coarctata (Dejean, 1826)

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Socotrana labroturrita Cassola & Wranik - Socotra Island, Yemen

Dromica kolbei (W.Horn,1897) SOUTH AFRICA

Dromica laticollis (W.Horn,1903) SOUTH AFRICA

7 New Species of Genus Dromica

All photographs of live specimens are by A. Oesterle, P.Schule and H.Pohl

More interesting data on Dromica can be found in "MATERIALS FOR A REVISION OF AFRICAN GENUS DROMICA (Col.Cicindelidae) by Fabio CASSOLA, Mem.Soc.entomol.ital., 81:3-206, 2002"

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