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Seven new species of genus Dromica DEJEAN 1826

Dromica stalsi Cassola, 2002   South Africa


Seven new species of the genus Dromica have been recently described by Fabio Cassola in the paper: MATERIALS FOR A REVISION OF AFRICAN GENUS DROMICA (Col.Cicindelidae), Mem.Soc.entomol.ital., 81:3-206, 2002. Also 2 new genera are described: Foveodromica Cassola, 2002 with 16 species and Pseudodromica, Cassola, 2002, with 21 species. In this interesting new work, 150 species of known Dromica are listed with notes on distribution, type specimens and illistration of male aedeagi of all species. All data in this paper is really a great help for future revision of this genera.

Dromica schuelei Cassola, 2002         South Africa

Dromica pseudotenella Cassola, 2002 South Africa

Dromica paulae Cassola, 2002       Kenya

Dromica zambiensis Cassola, 2002   Zambia

Dromica brzoskai Cassola, 2002    South Africa

Type locality of Dromica paulae Cassola, 2002 - Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Coast, Kenya

Pseudodromica lerouxae Cassola, 2002- South Africa

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All illustrations and photo are by F.Cassola

More interesting data on Dromica can be found in "MATERIALS FOR A REVISION OF AFRICAN GENUS DROMICA (Col.Cicindelidae) by Fabio CASSOLA, Mem.Soc.entomol.ital., 81:3-206, 2002"

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